Watching What Your Children Watch on Telivision

This is kind of a touch of caution to you moms out there, particularly you moms that work at home. You have to watch what your youngsters watch on TV. Luckily the story I am going to recount to you is a positive story and thank heavens he hasn’t took in anything negative from sitting in front of the TV.

I as of late bought The Max Lucado arrangement of Hermie the Caterpillar and companions. I claim 2 distinct films one is Hermie the Common Caterpillar which is around a little caterpillar who supposes he is simply general and needs to be a butterfly or whatever else aside from a caterpillar and when Hermie converses with God and asks God for what good reason he made him so conventional God just says I’m not finished with you yet. Awesome lesson as I would like to think however that is not the best part; I will get to the best part in one moment, yet first the second movie…..

The other motion picture I obtained from Family Christian book shops is Flo the Lyin Fly, this film is around a young lady fly named Flo that lies all the time and when a major band called The Water Beetles nobody trusts her story. This educates the kids not to tell lies. At the point when Flo converses with God, God advises her he never lies and she shouldn’t lie either on the grounds that it is a wrongdoing. A decent story to educate your youngsters not to lie. However, this isn’t the best part I am getting to that.

The best part is my 2 year old converses with God. You see just Yesterday when I was at my evening time work my mother was bolstering my child supper. She was likewise viewing my sister’s infant who was upstairs and just woke up and was crying, so my mother went upstairs to get the child and when she descended she checked out the corner since she saw my child conversing with whom else yet God.He was gazing upward and saying God and saying sorry in light of the fact that he spilled his Tea. It really turned out something like this. “God”, “sorry”, “tea”. You know how 2 year olds talk.

We ask during the evening before we go to bed, however a 2 year old conversing with God just melts a mother’s heart.This morning while I was encouraging him breakfast he conversed with God once more, this time he said Hi, God and said he needed to go to the recreation center please. That went a bit of something like this. I talk child so I will interpret. “Hey, God outside stop please.This was so lovable and sweet I had a feeling that I ought to impart it to the world.

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