The Walking Dead Season 7 Premier

The Walking Dead Season 7 premier left many fans searching for answers. As it came to a surprise that two of the main characters from the show meet their demise to the hands of Negan and his baseball bat, Lucille. Unfortunately both Glenn and Abraham meet their untimely end. To most viewers it was wasn’t just the fact that two characters died that stuck out to them, Walking Dead fans are used to massive death scenes. It was the pure graphic nature of their deaths that left them speechless.


At the end of season 6 we were left off with a cliffhanger, Negan mentioned he would kill off one of Rick’s people (the remaining cast members). That’s why when Abraham was first chosen by Negan to be killed off, most viewers believed he was the only one going to die. But out of frustration when Daryl’s character jumped at Negan, Negan set an example and choice to kill off Glenn as well.

With both gruesome senses happening right after each other, the viewers had little to no time to think or dwell on what just happened. For some viewers the fact that we see Glenn being killed off didn’t come as much of a surprise. This is because his character does die in this iconic seen in the comic book.

The producers of the show have repeatedly mentioned they didn’t’ want to follow the comic book to a tee. We see numerous examples of this in the past. For example, Abraham should have already been killed off but instead they put Denise in his spot, thus leaving him alive in the TV’s show before Negan kills him. Or even baby Judith, in the comic book she was supposed to die with her mother Lori in the prison.

It has already been declared that the comic book and the TV show will differ, that makes Glenn’s death so impactful. We didn’t suspect it. After Abraham was killed off, for a moment the viewer through the carnage was over. Before viewers got the chance to process it, it was on to another death.

With Season 7 starting there are so many more questions that need to be answered. Will the TV show venture off more from the comic book? If so will Maggie still emerge as a leader of the Hilltop Colony? You will have to keep watching to find out what going to happen next.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sunday Night’s at 9:00 PM. Watch it now with DISH network or online on AMC’s website.

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