Catering for the masses

If you run a community centre, church hall or youth group which intends to host parties, Christmas pantomimes or a carol concert in the coming months here’s a vital element which you possibly haven’t given too much consideration to.

The Health and Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency have rules and regulations about catering for others and how to store food and prepare it safely.

Inadvertently sending your guests or audience to Accident and Emergency at the local hospital with food poisoning is seldom on anyone’s Christmas list.

The fridge on the premises, if there is one, is probably domestic and therefore it will have less space than is required to refrigerate food and drinks for your event. Even forty pints of milk will be a squeeze.


So, what is the solution?

You could ignore refreshments altogether or only offer fizzy pop and mineral water.

Far better is to investigate mobile fridge hire which will provide the refrigeration space that you need.

The units are walk in and you can work within them without being cramped. You’ll be able to offer the full range of snacks and refreshments that you wish with this additional capacity.

The choice to have a cold room which is not on wheels and is normally situated inside premises or to take a trailer fridge hire unit which is on wheels and can be fitted within or outside the premises is yours but the fridge trailer hire will offer you facilities which can be placed outside a kitchen, marquee or in a car park so that internal space is not consumed by the facilities.

There are different sized units so every catering need can be met.

If you want a small fridge trailer unit then you won’t be forced by reputable and experienced mobile fridge hire companies like Icecool Trailers in Berkshire in to taking a 3m one which isn’t suitable.

They know from experience what size trailer you’re likely to need and there shouldn’t be any hard sell.

The best companies deliver the trailer fridge hire unit to site when you need it and set it up including any shelving that needs to be adjusted. They won’t leave site until the fridge is ready for you to use.

The trailer fridge hire unit is then yours for the duration of the event and if this is over a period of days, weeks or even months the company should be able to accommodate timeframes.

If you need a generator rather than power from the mains, please let the hire company know and they can supply one for your hire period.

At the end of the fridge trailer hire the firm will return to site and remove the unit competently and without causing disruption.

Most fridge trailer hire units are lockable and insured but please remember to check with your choice of company on these facts and also remember that any stock placed inside the fridge trailer will not be insured unless you take out separate cover.

Don’t fall foul of legislation. Invest in mobile fridge hire facilities instead.

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